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MasterHabits | Reward system
Reward system

It started with those awesome gold stars and as adults we still have an innate craving for acknowledgment - for a job well done!  Master Habits wants to celebrate ALL your successes - the small and the big!  We have been dreaming up ways of keeping the consistency and efforts noticed.  Through the years - we are positive the creations and ideas and prizes will get bigger and better.

Right now you will get points accumulating to use towards FREE Webinars, E-courses, Workshops and even Lifecoaching!  You get points for logging in, for accomplishing your habit, for reading articles, participating in blogs, for purchasing products, attending the featured services, achieving your monthly goal, referring friends and many other ways as well. 

These points will show up daily in the checkmark logo and if you are participating in Team or Corporate challenges - it will be based on this number!

So RACK them UP!!  Watch your Life Thrive!